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Sealed Quotation for the procurement of the Supply of medical gases for the year 2006-07

Purchase of Medical Gases




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NO- DMH/18/27/HS/Gases/Tender-2005        Dated- 17th March 2006


SUB-Invitation of  Sealed Quotation  for the procurement of the Supply of medical gases for the year 2006-07.



Dear Sir,


Medical Superintendent E.S.I.Hospital ,Basaidara pur , New Delhi intends to procure  the Supply of Medical Gases for the year 2006-07.



You are  requested to submit your lowest  rate quotation latest by 07.04.2006 upto 2.30 P.M. in the form of sealed quotation.

Quotation may be dropped in the tender box kept in the Hospital Store. If the quotation is sent by post, it must reach before 07.04.2006 upto 2.30 P.M. Quotation received late will not be considered.

Quotations received will be opened on the same day at 3.00 P.M. Bidders or their authorized representative may be present if they wish to be. In the case of 07.04.2006  is declared as holiday bids will be opened on next working day at the same time.




1.       General Conditions.

 (a)    Medical Superintendent reserves the right to cancel the tender at any time with out assigning any reason, thereof.

(b)     The rate may be quoted separately for hospital owned cylinder and company owned cylinder.

(c)    The cylinder should have company monogram printed on it. It should mention date of last testing and date of next testing due.

(d)    The rate should be inclusive of local taxes/sales tax/vat, etc. In accordance with sales tax rules. The company should quote sales tax separately.

e)      Tenderer should quote only if they are actual manufacturer or their authorized distributor.

(f)     Failure/ delay in supply of life saving medical gases shall result in financial penalty and any other liabilities as decided by Medical Superintendent.

(g)   The tenderer should give an undertaking that if he fails to maintain standards of cylinders, gases and if some mishap occurs,  company will be responsible.

(h)      The rejected supply if any should be taken back  and replaced by supplier within the specific period, without causing any interruption of the hospital services.


2.                 Date & time of submission/opening of tender

      Tender should reach this office by 2.30 P.M. on   07.04.2006 and will be opened at 3.00 P.M. on same day in case   07.04.2006 is declared a holiday, tenders will be opened on next working day at same time. Tenders received late will not be entertained.

 3.                 Period of Contract

      Normally the contract will be valid for one year from the date of finalization of the tender but the same can be extended by the Medical Superintendent on the same rates and terms & conditions.

 4.                 Place of delivery

            E.S.I. Hospital, (Gas Store & O.T. Block) Basaidarapur, Ring Road New Delhi 15.


5.       Delivery Schedule

(a)        Supply will be made available between 10.00 A.M. to 1.00 P.M. or any time conveyed by the hospital authorities.

(b)        In case supply is not received till 1.00 P.M. the hospital authorities may purchase from the open market and extra money spent due to rate difference plus cartage will be deducted from their bill.


6.              Freight & cartage charges


Any freight and cartage charges will be born by the contractor for delivering the items.


 7.       Security deposit


a.         on acceptance of tender the contractor / supplier shall deposit a sum of Rs.30000/- (Rs. Thirty thousand only) as security money for fulfillment of the terms and conditions for the contract. The security will be deposited in the terms of Demand Draft only.

 b.         On due performance and completion of the contract in all respect the Security money deposited will be returned to the contractor without any interest.






☺Should be certified for medical use as per IP 1996.

☺Should not contain less than 99.5% V/V of oxygen, not more than 5PPM V/V of carbon monoxide, not more than 30 PPM V/V of carbon dioxide.


☺Should be free of halogens, oxidizing substances, water.

☺Cylinder A type, B type, D type.



☺Should be certified for medical use (as an inhalation analgesic) as per IP 1996.

☺Should not contain less than 98.00% V/V of nitrous oxide in liquid/gaseous phase.

☺Should not contain more than 300PPM V/V of carbon monoxide,

☺Should be free of halogens, and hydrogen sulphide.

☺Should not contain more than 5PPM V/V of nitric oxide and nitrogen di oxide in both the liquid and gaseous phase.

☺Should be free of reducing substance/ oxidizing substances.

☺Should have passed test for alkalinity, arsenic and phosphine.

☺Cylinder A type, D type.



☺Should be certified for medical use pure as per IP 1996.

☺Cylinder A type, AA type, Bottle type.


Terms & Conditions.



1-     The firm should have WHOGMP/DHQH/ISI/BIS registration certificate with a valid drug license.

2-     The firm should supply certificate that facilities of testing the quality & level of impurities exist at their setup.

3-     All filling norms strictly as per gas cylinder rules. Experience in supplying to government hospital for the past 10 years.

4-     Capability to manufacture and supply compressed as well as liquid oxygen and N2O.

5-     Statutory requirement as per IP 1996.

6-     Even in the case of break down in the factory the firm should be able to supply an uninterrupted supply of medical gases from a reliable source.



     For more information Contact Dr. R.K.Saxena, Hospital Store  Phone: 011-25936932 Fax: 091-11-25460187.    

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